Mountain Car

Mountain Car 2.0

A great adventure simulation of Mountain trucks and Big foot
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A great action game for speed and big truck lovers. Mountain car is a very easy game to play and a very nice speed experience. This race will challenge the power of your truck and your ability to drive over obstacles and hard ways. The main screen of this game allows you to start game, set options, check high scores, check help, check other games and exit. In this game you can set options like music, sound and the kind of truck you would like to race. To navigate and control the truck is very simple, all you need is your keyboard, press left arrow key to accelerate, right arrow key to brake, space bar and control will give you nitro power, "p" will pause, and escape will exit the game.
You must move fast and control your truck over the obstacles to finish first, the games runs against time and to reach new levels you must end with out a crash. Graphics are great and your adrenaline will increase by the way you reach new levels.
Watch out with some obstacles, if you fall down in a big hole you will not be able to take your truck out of there.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Action and adrenaline


  • Program runs very slow
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